APRIL 1, 2015

6 Things Your Hiccups Are Trying To Tell You

A hiccup usually means one of just a very few things: You ate that burger WAY too fast, you washed it down with that beer way too fast, or you got a little overexcited that you were about to have a burger and a beer.

APRIL 1, 2015

Quick and Easy Banana-Oat Muffins

These 150-calorie breakfast bars are low in fat, sodium, and cholesterol while providing 3 grams of fiber in each sweet and nutty bar. They're made with a combination of maple syrup, cinnamon, quick-

APRIL 1, 2015

Almond Cereal Bars

These homemade cereal bars are sweetened with almond butter and honey, and are great for make-ahead breakfasts and snacks. (You can freeze them and serve as you go.)

APRIL 1, 2015

10 Make-Ahead Breakfasts for Back-to-School

These muffins provide 3 grams of protein, 94 milligrams of calcium, and aren't your typical high-calorie confection. They're made with fat-free yogurt and low-fat milk to cut back on unhealthy fats.

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